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See the full language of the proposed tentative agreement

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Big Gains for UAW-FCA Members (Download the PDF)

  • Clear Path to Traditional Wages for In-Progression Members: All current in-progression members will be paid traditional wages within eight years. In-progression employees with four years of service will be paid traditional wages by the end of this contract – that’s more than $10 per hour in wage increases. In-progression members with two years of service will receive more than $8 per hour in base wage increases by the end of the contract...
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Health Care Benefits Unchanged for UAW Members

Tentative Agreement Approved Overwhelmingly by UAW National Chrysler Council, Now Heads to Vote by UAW FCA Membership

DETROIT- UAW members will have a clear path to traditional wages under a new Tentative Agreement with FCA US that was overwhelmingly approved by the local union leaders on the UAW National Chrysler Council Friday. The Tentative Agreement ensures that health care benefits remain unchanged...

The Tentative Agreement will now go before the nearly 40,000 UAW FCA members for a final vote.

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UAW National Chrysler Council Leaders to Convene for Vote on Friday, Oct. 9

Terms to be announced following Friday vote

Detroit, Mich. – After a lengthy bargaining process, the UAW FCA National Bargaining Committee has secured significant gains in a proposed Tentative Agreement with FCA US announced today...

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FAQ on Strikes and UAW Strike Assistance

What is a strike?

A strike happens when workers collectively decide to withhold their labor, after authorization from the International. In the UAW, strikes are governed by the UAW Constitution, including Articles 12, 16 and 50.

How much is UAW Strike Assistance and how often is it paid?

Weekly strike pay is $200 per week ($40 per day, Mon-Fri, beginning on the 8th day). Eligibility for weekly benefits on the 8th day of a strike. Strike assistance pay is available after the 15th day of the strike. A bonus check is paid the week prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays...

UAW gives official notice to FCA terminating National and Local Agreements effective at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday October 7

Glenn Shagena, Vice President
Employee Relations
1000 Chrysler Drive
Auburn Hills, Ml 48326

Dear Mr. Shagena:

In accordance with the parties’ September 30, 2015 Extension Agreement, this letter shall serve as formal notice provided by the International Union, UAW and its respective Local Unions, which are signatories to one or more National and Local Collective Bargaining Agreements with FCA US LLC, of the Union’s termination of the aforementioned agreements, to be effective at 11 :59 p.m. on Wednesday, October 7, 2015.


Norwood H. Jewell
Vice President and Director
UAW Chrysler Department

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TPP is a sweeping agreement that touches nearly every aspect of your daily life. It impacts the food you eat, the air you breathe, the medicines you take, and the cars you drive. It will impact demand for the world-class farming equipment tens of thousands of UAW members build. If factories close revenue shortfalls and budget cuts will ensue and UAW members whose jobs serve the public would suffer... Read more >>>

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that by now you have seen President Williams’ statement. Recent weeks have proven that our union is alive and well. Over 80% of our UAW-FCA membership participated in our contract ratification process. Your voice was clear and we have headed back to address the issues that were raised...

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Brothers & Sisters,

You have spoken and we heard you. We have been listening to your issues and concerns through your local union leadership.

We have real challenges. We all know that without investment and product there is no true job security. For someone to suggest we endorse products going to Mexico is just nonsense. We have been fighting NAFTA and other trade agreements every day and are still fighting...

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UAW members at Deere & Co. ratify new agreement

Detroit – UAW President Dennis Williams and UAW Vice President Norwood Jewell released the following joint statement announcing the passage of Deere & Company’s contract ratification.

“A new labor agreement has been ratified by UAW members at Deere & Company. The new agreement provides many improvements for UAW members which include compensation and working conditions for nearly 10,000 members while giving Deere & Company the necessary tools to grow its business.

“The UAW applauds the bargaining committee and union members for their resolve and patience during the negotiation process.”

Statement of UAW President Dennis Williams on the 2015 UAW FCA US tentative agreement ratification vote

DETROIT – The International Union, UAW announced today that UAW members at FCA US have voted down the tentative agreement by 65 percent.

The following statement is from UAW President Dennis Williams:

“As I said at the press conference: “What I love about our organization most of all is that no matter what we do, what action we take, the ultimate decision and the power of the union is our members and they make the final decision.”

That is the design of our constitution and who we are.

We will gather the issues together; notify FCA that further discussions are needed.

We don’t consider this a setback; we consider the membership vote a part of the process we respect.

We will be meeting with the UAW-FCA National bargaining committee and council to discuss the issues.”

 Vote Marks a Rejection of the Wage Cuts and Rampant Abuse of Temp Positions Now Widespread in the Auto Parts Sector

Piedmont, Ala. – Facing pay as low as $9.70/hour, unaffordable health care, and abusive use of temp positions, workers at a parts plant operated by the global auto supplier Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) announced Thursday that they have voted overwhelmingly to join the United Auto Workers.

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Get Big 3 Bargaining Updates

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In a message to UAW members at Ford earlier today, UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles released the following statement:
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UAW and FCA US LLC extend contract on hour-by-hour basis

From a statement posted to the UAW’s Facebook page:

****Negotiations Update****

The UAW and FCA US LLC announced this evening that they have extended the existing collective bargaining agreement on an hour by hour basis as 2015 bargaining continues.

Region 9 Director Terry Dittes is please to announce the 2015 Region 9/ Tom Fricano Scholarship winners.

In a message from UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada and the 2015 UAW-GM National Negotiating Team, the UAW confirmed that they had extended this year’s contract deadline with General Motors. The full statement as it appeared on the UAW’s Facebook page:

Detroit – The UAW this afternoon announced that FCA US LLC will be the lead target in Big Three auto talks. Read more >>>

A website has been created in honor of our fallen brother, former Region 9 Director Thomas M. Fricano.


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Congress is preparing to pass another trade provision that will eliminate more American manufacturing jobs! Washington insiders want to pass Fast Track quickly and quietly, despite the fact that most Americans know trade deals eliminate American jobs. Read more >>>

Region 9 Retiree Council Chairpersons and Region 9 Active Retiree Chapter Chairperson

Educational Opportunities

Rochester Operations is Pleased to Announce Several New Educational Opportunities

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Word
  • Computer Basics
  • GD&T
  • Problem Solving
  • Effective Communications
  • Listening Skills
  • And Many More

REMINDER: Training is available to all employees (hourly & salary) on their own time.

(Job related classes may be taken on company time with prior approval from your manager)


To sign up, please contact Lindsay Shinkunas (647-7644) or Joe Eisenhauer (647-7642) in the Training Department.

V-CAP is the UAW’s political action fund made up of voluntary contributions from UAW members, retirees and their families. The money is used to support pro-worker political candidates who have earned the endorsement of the UAW Community Action Program (CAP). 

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At a special convention held on March 26, 2014 in Buffalo New York Terry was elected Director of UAW Region 9. Read more >>>

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